Learning Opportunities

The Fiddlehead Foundation currently provides the following educational programs: A traditional classroom track on biotechnology and product development from invention through market entrance (Track 1); and A fellowship program that will combine the classroom track with hands-on experience through an internship program (Track 2).

Eligibility: Applicants must have a completed or near completed (within one year)  MD or PhD in a branch of the life sciences or related area.

Track 1: The classroom program will be presented once a year over the course of 12 weeks. The program will be presented through modules exploring different aspects of life sciences entrepreneurship and product/technology development including intellectual property and licensing, commercialization, regulatory strategy, clinical trial design and business strategy.  The modules will each be presented or led by experts in the relevant area over a period of 8 weeks.  The remaining 4 weeks will be for independent study/assignment of a project in a specific area.  This track is for applicants that are generally interested in entrepreneurial and medical technology development.

Track 2: The fellowship program is a one year intensive program. Fiddlehead Foundation will select 1-3 students per year who will take part initially in the Track 1 program and then proceed to a 6-9 month internship program in a specific area of interest with a company/firm/foundation to gain hands-on experience. Candidates may participate in this program at the same time that they are concluding their academic program but must demonstrate the ability to devote significant (at least part time) efforts to the fellowship program.

Each fellow will be partnered with an internal Fiddlehead Foundation individual who will serve as their mentor. Mentor-mentees will meet on a weekly basis to ensure appropriate guidance and professional development. At the conclusion of the program, interns will continue to receive non-financial support until they have secured a professional position. Candidates interested in launching a startup company may also be eligible to receive financial and business support through the Foundation and its EIR program.